While they clearly disagree about the approach — at least when it comes to the promotional side of things — fighter and coach are in lockstep when it comes to where this all leads.

“There is no way that he will not be champ,” said Lopez. “It will take time, but at some point, we’re going to end up in that place.

“He’s right to take the time, and he’s the one with less stress, less worries. He’s always telling me, ‘Coach, I don’t care. They will find out who I am, they will know who I am, so let’s just take our time and get there.’ He’s always reasonable.

“But for people like us, seeing him in the gym, you can’t even understand how frustrated (we are) because if you ask, ‘Who is the guy?’ This is the king. This is the real king of the division, and we’re frustrated that he won’t say that.”

As he does whenever his head coach sings his praises, the humble heavyweight upstart simply chuckles and says, “Yes, Coach,” content to allow Lopez his moment to vent.

In a sport increasingly focused on the loudest voices, Gane remains a strict adherent to the “Actions speak louder than words” philosophy, and thus far, his actions have spoken volumes and the best is still to come.