“I’m knocking him smooth out,” Landwehr said. “I just don’t see me not knocking him out. I just feel like if he’s been knocked out before, if I can’t knock him out, it’d be weird.”

His debut was marked with the anticipation every fighter feels once making it to the Octagon, and then his second fight stood out in terms of really showing UFC fans what he could do when he is on his game. The third has been full of stops and starts but getting to the fight is all Landwehr wants. When reflecting on the lead-up to this contest, it’s obvious what stands out the most for him.

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“Just the ups and downs,” he said. “Just the, ‘Can I get a fight?’ I’m cool with it. I’m at peace. I’ve been through a lot of s*** personally, so nothing really fazes me unless I die. And then I’m dead, so then that’s not going to faze me neither. Nothing can really hold me down. I’m just at the point of my life where there’s nothing that can really truly happen that is just going to put me in the dumps permanently.”

When Landwehr steps into the Octagon, he’ll get to unleash all the stored-up energy, work and anticipation from months of waiting. Knowing how Landwehr fights makes this all the more exciting and, for him, he’s just eager to unleash the part of him that loves the fight game so much.

“I’m a positive guy most of the time but a straight savage,” Landwehr said. “I balance the yin and the yang. I haven’t had any yin or yang in a minute. I don’t know which one is the yin or the yang, but I need to get one of them back. I ain’t get to let the devil out lately. I’m ready to let loose and let that ride.”