Key Stats: 1:10 average fight time, 74% striking accuracy, 71% striking defense

What It Means: Tom Aspinall has been a juggernaut through two UFC fights, earning a pair of quick finishes both times out. He is a powerful man who moves well for his size, and when he lets his hands go, he’s got some of the better boxing among the big men. What he hasn’t had to show yet is his black belt credentials in jiu-jitsu, and he has admitted that if he doesn’t need to show that, he won’t just yet. He’s a younger heavyweight with a lot of potential.

What to Look For in the Fight: This is a good test for Aspinall young in his UFC career. Few, if any, will be able to problem solve on the fly as well as Arlovski, who is coming off a string of wins showing he still has plenty of gas left in the tank. Arlovski can, at times, freeze an opponent up by taking away pieces of their game, but Aspinall has shown he has plenty of tools for opponents to consider. We haven’t seen a lot of Aspinall yet in the Octagon, and this could be an opportunity for the Englishman to really show off his game if he can handle all that Arlovski will throw at him in return.

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*Hasn’t fought in weight class enough to qualify in UFC Record Book