“I would remember that I train with Jacare and the best guys in the world; this guy is nothing for me,” Rodrigues explained. “That would help me a lot in this sport.”

The decision to transition from BJJ to professional MMA was a risky one. A 1-2 fighter in the beginning, it might have begun poorly, but when Rodrigues began training at a different gym and saw the payoff of every training session with killers like Jacare, it was clear he was where he belongs. He’s 6-1 since his rocky start and in the ideal promotion to turn heads and continue sharpening his tools.

“You don’t see the evolution of the sport, day by day,” Rodrigues explained. “Sometimes you don’t see your evolution at all. You don’t see how great you become. You want to be better the next day than you were yesterday. It’s not like that. So when I moved to a different team after spending time with that gym, I saw how good I had become because I trained with him.”

Win, lose or draw, Rodrigues feels that he will always have the greatest support system in MMA and has always had the greatest mentor in MMA.

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