Yet the fire inside Quinones has only grown higher and hotter than ever.

“I’m not a quitter, I know my time’s coming,” Quinones said. “I’m a high-level, entertaining, experienced fighter. Getting to where I want to be is inevitable. That Tuesday night was not my night.”

Now fighting in the Titan FC main event with lightweight gold on the line, the 25-year-old promises a well-rounded display of violence from all angles. The aggression pent up inside Quinones will only add to his already versatile style of fighting.

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You might not have learned his name that Tuesday night, but Quinones promises a treat to anybody tuning in on February 12.

“I don’t look for decisions, I don’t look to lay and pray, I look to knock people out,” Quinones explained. “I’m looking to make people uncomfortable and their experience fighting me to be hell. I want them to remember me for the rest of their life. I’m not thinking about turning people’s heads.”