Key Stats: 7:40:51 total fight time (1st all-time), 70 takedowns landed (4th all-time), 2,339 strikes landed (3rd all-time)

What It Means: At 39 years old, Edgar showed he has plenty left in the tank in a hard-fought bantamweight debut against Pedro Munhoz. Perhaps the most encouraging thing was that fight looked like a classic fight from “The Answer.” He showed good cardio, strong grappling and well-rounded striking, all while keeping a high pace. His toughness and overall skill set seem well intact, and combined with nearly unrivaled experience, he remains a tough matchup for any fighter.

What to Look For in the Fight: The pace and range of the fight will probably be a good indicator for who is dictating the fight. Edgar will want to get inside and close the range on the longer and taller Sandhagen, who prefers to utilize those long limbs to strike at range. Both enjoy a higher-paced fight, though Sandhagen keeps his work-rate higher with feints than Edgar. Wrestling is the wild card, as Edgar is one of the better wrestlers who hustles well for takedowns, and Sandhagen can be tricky off his back.

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