With James Harden now plying his craft in Brooklyn, the NBA superstar most likely to be traded next is the Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal. The 27-year-old Beal is in his ninth NBA season, all of which have been played in D.C. He’s said and done the right things throughout, but with the Wizards currently owners of the worst record in basketball, Beal has started to air his frustrations publicly. Clearly, the superstar is not happy with the Wiz at the moment. Ditto for his better half. Just like the Harden blockbuster, a Beal trade seems to be a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. It’s just up to Washington now to find a trade partner and package good enough to move on from the best player the franchise has seen since they were known as the Bullets.

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. Thirty-two active NBA players have scored 50 or more points in a game on at least one occasion, including Beal, who has done so four times. So with that in mind, how many of the other 31 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!