It is from Scotland that he will be watching UFC 257 this Saturday.

“This looks to be such a great card, with so much press covering the headliners and such a good fight for JoJo. The recent fights at Fight Island have been incredible. Both JoJo and Eye are evenly matched, so it should make for an intriguing fight, but I think JoJo is a better grappler and an incredible striker.”

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His prediction is clear and well, yeah, a little biased. 

“JoJo for the win! She’s made some real improvements to her ground game, being naturally a striker and Thai boxing champion. JoJo is on the rise and had lined up a potential championship fight with (Valentina) Shevchenko. This will be another victory to continue her momentum.”

Before letting him go, we asked him to elaborate on a particular Tweet where he once proclaimed that his fighter nickname would be the “Freakshowtime Sneaky underhand guy.”

“I don’t remember that,” he laughs. “But sure, I’ll take it. I love Anthony Pettis, and everyone remembers the head kick he did, bouncing off the cage. I guess my underhand would mean that I don’t play by the rules. And I have to win. It’s in the script.”

Don’t miss Calderwood and Eye square off at UFC 257, Saturday, January 23. Main card begins at 10pm ET/7pm PT on ESPN+.
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