“I’m all-in on this MMA thing,” he said. “I can’t even think about anything other than MMA. The only thing I know I’m doing is MMA.”

So a 9 to 5 just wouldn’t cut it, would it?

“I have done that in the past, and it’s definitely not my cup of tea,” he laughs. “I was made to do something that’s a little more exciting, dangerous, and I feel like that’s what I was put on this Earth to do.”

Clearly, Nam, like his peers in the fight game, was cut from a different cloth than most. He knows that in this day and age, young people don’t come up the way he did. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

He tells the story of how a rowdy kid got straightened out by his brother.

“I was a temper tantrum baby, and in public – it could be in the middle of a restaurant, the middle of a store – I would throw myself down and start yelling and screaming and crying. One time when I did it, I must have been around three or four and I’m with my older brother, who’s like 11 years older than me. And my mom tells my brother, ‘Hey, can you go handle that?’ So he picks me up, slaps me, and tells me, ‘Now you have something to cry about.’ (Laughs) And I don’t remember this because I was so young, but after that, my parents said I never did it again.”

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