15. Aldo Foreshadowing – WEC 38: Jose Aldo finishing Rolando Perez via knees was impressive enough on its own, but when he left the Octagon to run into the crowd and celebrate long before he ever did it in the UFC, it was a moment that nobody will forget. Fans who were hanging around WEC events had quite the “been there, done that” attitude when the world lost their minds as he celebrated with the fans after his Chad Mendes fight in the UFC.

Jose Aldo vs Rolando Perez here:

14. Pettis Rolls Roller – WEC 50: With a WEC record of 5-1 coming into WEC 50, wrestling standout Shane Roller looked to use his wrestling to put a blanket over the flashy fight style of Anthony “Showtime” Pettis. Flashy, a unique striker, strong BJJ but not known for his wrestling, right? What Roller wasn’t expecting was Anthony Pettis to beat him at his own game for 14 minutes and choke him out. Why was this fight relevant? Well, it was one of the greatest single performances in the WEC, but it also set up Anthony Pettis vs Benson Henderson at WEC 53.

Anthony Pettis vs Shane Roller here:

13. Stann’s Day in the Sun – WEC 33: By WEC 33, the promotion was as hot as Reed Harris and Scott Adams could have ever asked for. One reason behind that was the All-American, everybody’s favorite 205er, Brian Stann. Stann had finally earned a title shot,, and standing in his way was one of the most heavy-handed brawlers the WEC ever saw, Doug Marshall. There was no way this fight would end with anything short of spectacular and it delivered. It still serves as Brian Stann and WEC highlight reel action to this day.

Brian Stann vs Doug Marshall here:

12. 2009 Fight of the Year – WEC 43: Benson Henderson vs Donald Cerrone was one of the most perfect storms in MMA history. It was one of the first times either man had faced the most elite of competition to date, it was the first title shot either man would ever receive and although it was only for interim gold, the winner would take on Jamie Varner to unify the titles. The result? A clear cut 2009 Fight of the Year.

Benson Henderson vs Donald Cerrone here:

11. “The rematch the world has been waiting for” – WEC 51: After 53 professional MMA bouts to date, there haven’t been too many to go into the Octagon with genuine ill will for “Cowboy” Cerrone. There have been a couple, but possibly the most heated rivalry of his career was way back in the WEC with Jamie Varner. Having a split decision when they originally met at WEC 38 only made tensions run higher. It was the most sought-after rematch outside of Mike Brown vs Urijah Faber 2 and it’s one of the most underappreciated robberies in MMA history that we never got the trilogy bout.

Donald Cerrone vs Jamie Varner 2 here:

10. Bowles Shocks the World – WEC 42: With a record of 7-0, it’s hard to believe that Brian Bowles would walk into a title fight at WEC 42 as a +280 underdog, but when the 37-1 Miguel Torres stood across the Octagon it started to make sense. With almost ten TKO stoppages and over 20 submission victories to his name, it seemed that Bowles was simply just another sacrificial lamb. With just over a minute left in the first round, Brian Bowles hit Torres harder and more square than anybody had before handing him his first KO loss and taking home his title in the process.

Brian Bowles vs Miguel Torres here: