With just 57 seconds spent in the Octagon, Williams appears acclimated to the increased exposure, attention and buzz that comes with stunning UFC wins.

Williams, who said he experienced “legal troubles” in the past, takes pride in his how he has turned things around in a positive light that catches people’s attention.

“When people started to see the transition, it kinda caught their attention, and I just stayed the course. I ended up getting into the church and stuff like that. Just keeping a clean slate, keeping my mind right and just leading by example. Through fighting, it kept me mentally sound. It kept me out of trouble and stuff…it was about more than just the money. It was about making an impact and not just an income.”

It’s an impact the Michigan product has felt growing beyond his local community – the perks of delivering spectacular early knockouts.

“I got all of Michigan,” he said. “Really, I got the whole Midwest behind me, and I continue to get people from all over the world starting to mention my name, so it’s a lot. I just gotta keep doing what I’m doing, keep being that role model and showing what hard work and dedication can do and what determination can do. I’ve been patient. I’ve persevered through all the trials and tribulations, and I’m here. This is just another test come Saturday.”