Plum mentioned she did some karate growing up but made a point to not put that experience in the “same category” as what she knows the UFC fighters can do. That said, she has had some entertaining experiences when fighters have tried to show her their basketball skills. 

“I think some MMA fighters think they can step on a basketball court, and so that’s always funny,” she said. “Sometimes I have a ball, and they try to dribble it, and it looks like third-graders, but I love their effort. I love their confidence, and I think that’s where the commonalities lie.”

From enjoying all the benefits of the staff and trainers to getting an inside and in-depth look at the matchmaking process, Plum has made the most of her experience at the UFC Performance Institute and is excited take this experience forward with her as she hopes to return to the court for the Aces next season.

“Just to watch them train, their intensity, the way that they approach their strength and conditioning or even just rehab and how they train, it’s been really motivating and inspiring for me,” Plum said.