Who would you back: Gael Monfils or Andy Murray?

Denis Shapovalov was put on the spot to make that decision on Monday by the stars themselves during Monfils and Murray’s daily Nitto ATP Finals Twitch stream.

“I’m going to pass,” Shapovalov said. “You guys are both legends, come on!”

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Murray leads Monfils 4-2 in their ATP Head2Head series, but their rivalry goes back to their junior days.

“I’ve got to back myself over Gael. I have to back myself over him, surely,” Murray said. “You’ve got the tie-break Denis. You’ve got to take one.”

Neither player was able to remember the exact tally of their rivalry, as they have played since their junior days. Monfils remembered one tournament where he beat Murray only to lose against Andy’s brother, Jamie Murray, 6-1, 6-0.

“Maybe by one or two you won more,” Monfils said.

“Only?” Murray wondered. “Really?”

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Monfils had vivid memories of their junior meetings and he also recalled a a five-set victory against the Scot in the first round of 2006 Roland Garros. The Frenchman didn’t remember any of their matches since then.

“What a surprise,” Murray said with plenty of sarcasm. “That was when it started turning in my favour!”

“But I’m a better rapper than Andy!” Monfils said amidst plenty of laughter from the trio.

Shapovalov, who is at The O2 in London as an alternate for the season finale, thought he was going to sneak through the discussion without making a decision. But Monfils and Murray didn’t let him off the hook.

“We need an answer, come on!” Monfils exclaimed.

“I thought you guys forgot,” Shapovalov said. “I’ll back Gael, just because he’s down 4-2.”

Monfils and Murray are continuing their daily chats on the Frenchman’s Twitch channel as the Nitto ATP Finals continues.