Penn immediately stepped up to middleweight after a subsequent departure from the UFC. Still not satisfied, for Penn’s next fight against the 225-pound Lyoto Machida, he weighed in at 191 pounds.

The man who fought for the lightweight title only three years prior was now flirting with the heavyweight division. Coming back down would be nearly impossible at this point, right?


It was only two years later that BJ Penn was fighting Jens Pulver again.

Every fight fan under the sun was ready to tell each other they weren’t surprised he couldn’t come back down to 155, but “The Prodigy” made it happen. Penn would go on to defeat Pulver and put himself in a title fight against Joe “Daddy” Stevenson and would walk away the 155-pound champ.

25 for 25 Club: BJ Penn

He didn’t make it easy on himself with previous weight fluctuations but that didn’t stop him from going up to welterweight again almost immediately. Attempting to become the first simultaneous champ-champ, Penn took on Georges St-Pierre at 170 pounds and fell short. When he returned to lightweight, Penn defended his title twice before involving himself in one of the greatest rivalries in MMA history against Frankie Edgar.

Edgar ended Penn’s title run and put it to bed for good in the rematch. Frustrated with the lightweight division and the losses adding up, BJ Penn AGAIN moved up to welterweight. By the time he was 31 years old, he had already fought in four different weight classes.