LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The NBA is warning playoff teams that they have to maintain order among ownership, front-office executives and player guests sitting courtside at playoff games in the Disney Wide World of Sports, according to memos obtained by ESPN.

The NBA has concerns about the way that voices carry and can be picked up on television microphones in a contained environment. There have been isolated occasions when front-office executives could be heard loudly disagreeing with officials.

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As the campus environment opens to family members, players are allowed to give a ticket to one adult guest — with the possibility of including a young child. Families and guests were allowed to quarantine and enter the Disney campus after the first round of the playoffs.

“Given the unique arena conditions in Orlando, including the limited numbers of spectator seats, the small buildings, and the lack of all attendees, it is especially important for all attendees to adhere to these rules,” the memo said.

“Under these conditions, please be advised that the rules prohibiting conversations with game officials, disrespectfully addressing game officials, players or coaches, and using profane or objectionable language will be interpreted broadly.”

The NBA has warned owners and their families from “disrespectfully addressing a game official … harassing or pursuing a game official before or after a game, or entering the officials’ locker room at any time…”

Several owners and front-office executives who are living outside the bubble have joined a secondary tier of spectators at games. They can watch games from behind a plexiglass screen above the court, but aren’t allowed down on the floor to have interactions with players, coaches or officials.

Those individuals can yell loudly — and appear to do so — but can’t be heard outside of the glass surrounding them.