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In the immediate aftermath of his loss to Frankie
at UFC on ESPN 15, Pedro
wondered aloud
if his opponent’s reputation might have helped him on the judges’
in a contentious split-decision triumph.

While Munhoz didn’t necessarily clamor for an immediate rematch
initially, on Monday he changed his tone.

“I’ve always done my talking in the octagon but this needs to be
said,” Munhoz wrote on Instagram. “I work too hard to get screwed
by poor judges who have no training and even less accountability.
Look at the stats and the damage. Look at the 17 of 20 media sites
who agreed I won, 7 of which had it 49-46. Tell me how the deciding
judge gave round 3 to Frankie. He’s a legend, but I won that fight
and want a rematch now, [Dana White].”

Munhoz’s argument is true: the vast majority of media scorecards on
had him winning the bantamweight fight.
However, the contest was extremely competitive in real time, with
both fighters having their moments over the course of the 25-minute

White, meanwhile, didn’t have on a definitive opinion on who should
have won the bout.

“It was a close fight,” White said at the post-fight press
conference. “If they had Muhnoz, I wouldn’t have said, ‘Oh my God
that’s crazy.’ Either one of those those guys could have won that