Key Stats: 5.75 strikes landed per minute (5th), 1.14 knockdowns per 15 minutes (5th all-time among LW), 45% significant striking accuracy, 55% significant striking defense

What It Means: At 6-feet tall with a 75-inch reach, Dan Hooker utilizes his length to strike tactically at range with a variety of jabs, teep kicks and solid footwork. Mostly methodical in the way he operates, Hooker definitely carries power when he chooses to sit on any of his strikes, and he is adept at using all limbs in his attack. Once he senses an opponent wilting under that pressure, he ups the tempo and shows great accuracy when looking to end the fight.

What to Look for in the Fight: In a physical sense, this fight is a little similar to Hooker’s most recent war with Paul Felder. That said, Poirier’s hands carry a bit more power, and few have the Octagon experience of the “Diamond.” Poirier might need to get inside to touch the longer New Zealander and he has the power to shake his defense, but Hooker might look to counter and shake Poirier when he enters the pocket.