Just as there are some fighters who have shiny records, but have never really fought anyone, there are others whose records don’t look particularly impressive at first blush, but upon closer inspection, show just how talented its owner is. Casey falls in the latter category, as the 33-year-old is only 9-7 as a professional yet stands as an intriguing new addition to the UFC flyweight division.

The former collegiate soccer player went 4-6 in her first 10 Octagon appearances, but the results don’t tell the complete picture. All six of those losses came on the scorecards, two by split decision and a couple more feeling like they could have gone the other way as well. From the jump, the Fight Ready representative was sharing the cage with tenured contenders and experienced talents in the strawweight division, and although she wasn’t always getting her hand raised, it was always clear that Casey was a legitimate talent.

Earlier this year, she made the move to the flyweight ranks and showed why real heads always knew she was far better than her record suggested, using her slick grappling skills to catch Mara Romero Borella with an armbar off her back three-and-a-half minutes into the opening round. It was a beautiful finish that Casey patiently set up, calmly working through setups until the opportunity to connect on a finish presented itself.

This weekend, she makes a quick return to the cage in a showdown with fellow grappler Gillian Robertson in a pairing that has the potential to further strengthen her case as a threat in her new surroundings. Robertson won four of her first five UFC appearances before running into Maycee Barber last time out, and profiles as someone who should be able to hang with Casey on the ground, which could force the more seasoned divisional sophomore to showcase even more of her arsenal this time around.