And it’s with that clear mind and firm belief that he belongs amongst the best featherweight fighters in the world that he approaches this weekend’s rematch with Minner.

Despite having already shared the cage with the experienced Nebraska native and emerging with a finish, Griffin is viewing Saturday night’s preliminary card pairing as an entirely new experience, even if he is forecasting a similar result.

“I’m not going to overlook Darrick at all,” he said of Minner, who was submitted by Grant Dawson in his promotional debut the same night Griffin finished Brown in Norfolk, Virginia. “I’m going to treat him like everybody else; I’m going to try to rip his head off and he knows that.

For Griffin, it all gets back to the mistakes he made against Ige and Skelly, and the adjustments he made heading into his last fight.

“I accepted those takedowns and I let them be more dominant, and that’s something I really had to change was to stop letting people do things to me,” he said, reflecting on what went wrong in his first two outings. “If I can shut down the takedowns, shut down him trying to be dominant with me at first, I know I’m going to walk away with that win.

“Every time he hits the big show, he loses. He can’t handle the pressure,” he added.

Griffin knows he can and proved it to himself last time out.

Now that he’s done trying to be perfect and focused on a being himself inside the cage, he’s ready to go on a run, starting this weekend.

“I think I’m going to finish him in the late second or early third, and I’m going to say head kick,” Griffin said, offering a prediction for how his rematch with Minner will play out. “Ultimately, I want to just go in there, finish this fight, and come back in 30 days and pump another one out.

“I feel like this is the time where if I’m healthy, I want to fight as much as I can, and if fate allows me to do that, I’m going to do it.”

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