Just over a year ago, Burns, a 155er in the Octagon, was a man who didn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Despite five years and ten fights worth of UFC experience under his belt, “Durinho” was on the verge of slipping off the map altogether. No matter how many fighters the 7-3 fighter called to the cage, nobody was listening. He was a victim of being the “16th ranked man” – too much of a threat with no ranking to his name. He wasn’t worth risking the loss to.

Fielding a request from his wife, Burns called the UFC with news that he wanted to step up from lightweight to welterweight for health and recovery reasons. 

And with the new weight class, Burns was off.

“I needed a lot of time to make weight at 155 but as soon as I moved up I was like, ‘I don’t care,’” Burns said. “I’m going to fight anyone. I don’t need to cut a lot of weight and I was just begging, literally begging, for a fight.”