These are good days for San Bernardino’s Roberts, especially since that aforementioned fight in Moscow last November saw him shake off the lone loss of his pro career against Vinc Pichel by beating veteran Alexander Yakovlev. It wasn’t up there with spectacular wins he turned in against Garrett Gross and Darrell Horcher, but some prospects never recover from their first defeat. Roberts did, and he didn’t doubt it for a second.

“I don’t think me taking that L really did any damage,” he said of the June 2019 bout with Pichel. “I think I needed that for me to grow as a fighter. I had a lot of stuff going on outside of fighting and I had a hard weight cut, but no excuses, he did his thing. You gotta build yourself off of the losses. If I let that loss kill me, then what does this really mean to me? I got back in the gym, got better and I just take it one day at a time and keep pushing forward.”

At 6-foot-2, every cut down to the lightweight limit must be a hard one. He laughs.

“Every weight cut is pretty tough, but that one (against Pichel), it was really hard,” said Roberts, who hit his mark of 156 pounds for Saturday’s bout against Weaver. “That’s no excuse, though. I didn’t show up, I didn’t have that drive and that fire that I usually have when I fight that night and he outworked me a little bit. I don’t think I got beat up, I just think he outworked me and he got the victory. So shout out to him, but that’s not gonna stop me. All I see if forward and that’s how I’m gonna go.”

That’s not to say 155 pounds is his final MMA destination.

“I don’t see trying to cut weight my whole career, so I definitely see 170 in the near future, but right now I’ve got a whole division to go through,” he said. “I got a couple people I want to fight at 155, and hopefully everything goes well on Saturday and I’m gonna call them out and see what happens.”