“That wasn’t on my radar,” Lauzon said of fighting full-time. “To me, it was something fun to do. I fight Jens Pulver, and regardless of how that went, I figured they’d probably give me another fight, and I get two or three fights in the UFC, just get to say I did it, and it would be fun to do and I go back to work.”

Team Lauzon cut corners where they could, squeezing eight people in a room once they made it out to Anaheim, and Lauzon knew that whatever happened on fight night, he had to get back to Massachusetts the next day so that he would be able to clock in for work on Monday.

Then he knocked Jens Pulver out in 47 seconds and everything changed. In addition to his win bonus and sponsorship money, he took in a Knockout of the Night bonus, and while he did make it back to work on Monday, he began to think that maybe he could fight for a living. 

“I fought Jens Pulver, I went back to work on Monday, went to work for a while, and went on The Ultimate Fighter, taking a short leave of absence for that,” he said. Ultimately, the die was cast.

He was going to be a full-time fighter.

“I liked the freedom in the beginning,” said Lauzon. “But to be successful and to fully commit, you have to do that, so that’s what I eventually had to do.” 


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