Why did you decide to join this amazing charitable activation? 

Holloway: Unemployment in Hawaii is near 40%, and because our economy is based on tourism, it looks like it’s going to be a long road to recovery. We also got a very high cost of living here, so a lot of people are hurting. The reason why I signed up for this is that the proceeds go directly to the food banks, and the food banks really, really need the help right now.

How long will this campaign run and where can fans go to either learn more or donate directly?

Holloway: It runs through May 31, 2020, and fans can go to to enter now.

You have a long history of giving back to your community. Why is giving back important to you? 

Holloway: The meaning to life is doing meaningful things for others. I always said the belts are cool, and I have several of them now, but that’s really just a ticket to have a bigger impact in important ways. 

After this campaign ends, do you have any additional charitable campaigns planned? 

Holloway: Yes. There’s a lot of needs in Hawaii and all over the world, really, but right now the focus for my team is on the basic needs for Hawaii people, which is food. When the food banks tell us they’re good, then we will pivot into helping other areas. But right now, we need to make sure people can continue to eat during these tough times.

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