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As he does from time to time, Jon Jones took
to Twitter this past week to share a number of thoughts regarding
mixed martial arts.

Among those musings was more speculation about a future move to
heavyweight, a transition Jones has teased often in the past. In
this instance, “Bones” seemed to be intrigued by former foe
St. Preux
’s performance competing up a division at UFC Fight
Night 171 on Wednesday evening, and said seeing OSP’s fight with
made a heavyweight move “seem more real to me.”

That, in turn, piqued the interest of top heavyweight contender
, who replied to Jones’ post. Things escalated quickly
from there, as the light heavyweight champion insisted that he
wouldn’t hesitate to accept a bout with perhaps the most feared
knockout artist in the sport today.

“Who would you guys consider the quicker and more technical
striker, Thiago
or Francis? If you guys think I wouldn’t take this fight
you’re insane,” Jones wrote. “I have absolutely nothing else to
prove as a light heavyweight. I’d love that big money fight right
around now. Send the deal.”

Ngannou, seemed to be amenable to the booking as well. “If you
think you can handle my technique level that’s fine but I agree
that you don’t have anything to prove in [light heavyweight]
division and that this should be for bags,” he replied.

Thus far in his career, Jones has remained content to clean out the
205-pound division. While the back-and-forth with Ngannou generated
plenty of buzz in the MMA community, it currently amounts to little
more than social media banter. UFC president Dana White did his
part to temper enthusiasm for the hypothetical matchup on Saturday

“Anything’s possible,” White said at the UFC on ESPN 8 post-fight
press conference. “I don’t know if those guys really want that
fight. Let me tell you this and I’m not saying this is the case
with these two, you see a lot of talk online but actually making
fights is whole other ball game.”