Ricky Simon

Key Stats: 59.4% takedown accuracy (7th), 0.59% bottom position percentage (5th all-time among BW), 19 takedowns landed (tied 8th)

What It Means: Ricky Simon is a spry up-and-coming bantamweight who leans heavily on his wrestling to impose his will. With a high work rate, his opponents often have to spend most of their energy fending off his takedowns, and when you throw as many out there as Simon, you become more adept at landing them.

Ray Borg

Key Stats: 49.5% control time percentage (2nd all-time*), 51.8% significant strike accuracy (2nd*), 1.77 strikes absorbed per minute (1st*)

*among flyweights

What It Means: Ray Borg’s grappling-heavy approach keeps him from absorbing shots, and when he does throw his strikes, they often land. But much like many athletes who enjoy taking fights to the ground, his striking is a means to a takedown, and in another fight up from his usual flyweight home, Borg might carry the speed advantage as well.

What to Look for in the Fight: This could develop into a fun, scrambling bout between two guys who like to mix it up on the mat. Neither is accustomed to spending much time on the bottom, which could beg questions of both their get-up ability and how well they work off their back.