“I love those Ion moments,” Buffer said. “I tell production that he’s going to walk across, and I’ll take care of it. One time I think he did it very blatantly and the commission didn’t even move and I got there before the referee and the commission and as I’m announcing I stepped in between both fighters.”

The fight went without a hitch, just the way Buffer knew it would.

The understanding of Teixiera’s demeanor, mixed with the understanding of Cutelaba’s intense approach led to a successful, natural buildup.

Not everybody is as keen to Cutelaba’s antics as Buffer is. In “The Hulk’s” last appearance in the Octagon at UFC Norfolk, Buffer was ready for his pre-fight march across the Octagon. His opponent wasn’t.

“Last time he fought he waited longer than usual to do it, knowing what I would do and he got around me which caused a little bit of an altercation,” Buffer recalled. “Ion’s always ready to do something and I’m ready for when he does it.”