Major League Basketball

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the outbreak of Covid – 19 has massively disrupted all of our lives. We can no longer be within two metres of anyone outside of our household – even family, we have to queue to get into the supermarket, and the vast majority of our recreational activities – from going out for a meal, to nipping to the pub with friends – have been put on hold ever since the lock down was announced.

Another industry that has been massively impacted by the coronavirus, is the sporting industry. There isn’t one that has gone unscathed, but for major league basketball fans, and furthermore ticket holders, many are still left asking the question. What will happen next?

Read on to find out more information on how major league basketball is responding to the Covid 19 outbreak, and its subsequent restrictions.

What is the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus – also commonly referred to as Covid – 19, is a respiratory infection which can be passed from human to human via the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. This strand of viruses spread in a very similar manner to the common cold, but come with a much higher level of severity. in the respiratory system.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus around the world, all social interaction has been put to a stop. The symptoms include a high temperature and a dry, constant cough – and if someone is believed to have these, then the advice is for them and other members of their household to self – isolate from seven to fourteen days.

It’s the largest global pandemic of our generation, and is therefore being treated with appropriate caution.

Games Have Come to a Stand Still

As with all sporting events – alongside public gatherings and other large social events – major league basketball made the decision to put the season on stand still, and to postpone any games in the near future.

Following the announcement of the outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, MLB officials released the following statement:

“MLB will keep fans updated on decisions regarding plans for the 2020 schedule in the days and weeks ahead,” the league stated in a release. “The Clubs remain committed to playing as many games as possible when the season begins. We will continue to monitor ongoing events and undertake the precautions and best practices recommended by public health experts, and urge all baseball fans to follow suit. MLB extends its best wishes to all the individuals and communities who have been impacted by the coronavirus.”

They expressed their well wishes to fans, as well as their understanding of the severity of the situation, and the reason why they’ve responded to it in such a way.

Although undoubtedly it will be reviewed at some point in the future, at current it appears that the league and all other sporting games have been suspended.

What is the Next Step?

There hasn’t been any official release of “next steps” by the major league basketball industry as of yet, but there have been some rumours in the press, and suggestions of what the next logical steps could be to get the game back on track.

In fact, some officials have been said to have expressed small amounts of optimism, that there may be able to be some sort of game play in the year 2020. One suggestion was that they would break teams into three divisions within each club, and each club play one hundred games before the post – season is expanded, and this would be held at neutral sites.

That’s only one suggestion made by officials, but at current, we don’t have the knowledge to comment either way. Can basketball and social distancing co – exist? That’s the big question.

What Should Season Ticket Holders Do Next?

Finally, many avid major league basketball fans will be the holders of tickets for games that were supposed to take place in the future, but where does this leave them in terms of refunds?

The advice released at current has been to hang on to your tickets, rather than to seek a refund straight away. At this point, everything is still very much up in the air, so if your tickets are for late 2020, there is a chance that these games could still take place.

If you do hold tickets for the near future, we would advise seeking advice from the ticket sellers, or even the venue at which the game was supposed to be played at.

We hope you are all keeping safe and healthy, and that the MLB league will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.