Count the
Ultimate Fighting Championship
heavyweight champ among those
that won’t risk fighting during the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with
The Score
on Thursday, Stipe
explained that he would not be competing any time soon,
and had other issues to attend to including his family and as a
firefighter in his home in Cleveland.

“There’s no way,” said Miocic. “I mean, if I can’t get a full camp,
there’s no reason to fight.”

When asked about training, he was frank about how the coronavirus
has affected life for him, saying, “Nah, I mean honestly I haven’t
been [training], the gym’s been closed [and] we don’t have a lot of
stuff at our house, so it’s not really I can do a lot.”

He also explained that the condition of his eye has improved, as
the champ
has been sidelined due to an eye injury
sustained when he faced
. Miocic was poked in the eye multiple times, and
required surgery to correct the damage.

“Definitely getting better,” he remarked. “I’ve still got some
spots but nowhere near what it was before.” He also discussed that
while he was cleared to train again, then the pandemic hit and
everything was placed on hold.

Miocic last fought in August 2019, where he headlined UFC 241 and
became the first fighter to finish Cormier to win back his
heavyweight crown. In doing so, Miocic also avenged a loss from the
year before to “DC,” as Cormier knocked out Miocic in the opening
frame at UFC 226. The heavyweight champ has headlined the last six
events he has competed in since claiming the belt from Fabricio
in 2016. In his first title run, Miocic set the
heavyweight record for the most consecutive defenses with three, by
knocking out Alistair
and Junior dos
, along with a decision victory over Francis

The heavyweight king is not the only fighter on the UFC roster that
has explained he won’t take a fight while the coronavirus is
running rampant. Top-10 welterweight Michael
said earlier this week
that he wouldn’t think of fighting
unless he had a proper training camp. Like Miocic, Chiesa expressed
concerns of his fight shape, saying, “I’m not showing up unless I
can be at my absolute best.”