Big news is coming for the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts

On Thursday morning, GAMMA has announced via press release that it
has added 25 additional member federations. The association now
counts a total of 80 member federations.

”During these unprecedented times, where the global health crisis
has forced lockdowns in many countries, the cancellation of
sporting events, and disruption of athlete training schedules,
GAMMA remains focused in its goal of supporting mixed martial arts,
particularly the amateur sport, to develop mixed martial arts all
across the globe. GAMMA is highly-committed to providing promising
mixed martial arts athletes a global platform to showcase their
skills and talents,” said GAMMA president Alexander Engelhardt in a
press release.

“We are delighted to announce that we now have the full support of
80 member federations who have joined our cause. We continue to
invite other great nations and mixed martial arts athletes from all
over the world to join us in showing people the true values and
sportsmanship behind our beloved sport.”

GAMMA held its inaugural GAMMA World Championships in Singapore
back in November. The event saw 35 national teams competing against
each other, with professional and amateur fighters taking part in
110 matches across four days. The association did allow both pro
and amateur fighters to compete under amateur rules.

offered the two best winners of the GAMMA World
Championships a $100,000 contract. A month before the event, the
Singapore-based promotion
announced its partnership
with GAMMA.