CANBERRA, Australia — Stefanos Tsitsipas sent his tennis mate Nick Kyrgios a special 25th birthday greeting. Unfortunately for Kyrgios, it contained too much information.

Tsitsipas, who is Greek, posted on Instagram for Kyrgios, who is an Australian of Greek heritage. In the post, Tsitsipas holds up a cardboard sign that says “Call me” and lists a cellphone number.

Those expecting to get Tsitsipas on the line got a different message. The phone was turned off.

“You are an absolute idiot … everyone stop calling me!!!!!” Kyrgios responded to his sometimes doubles partner in a social media post.

Later, Tsitsipas returned to Instagram with another cardboard sign saying, “Stop calling Nick.”

The number has since been disconnected.

Professional tennis tours have been suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic.