NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The unique presentation of the 2020 NFL draft has given us a chance to virtually go into the homes of various head coaches and general managers when their prospective teams are on the clock. One of the more hilarious moments in Thursday night’s first round came when it was Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel’s turn to be on the air.

ESPN flashed to Vrabel’s home draft room, where he was flanked by his son Carter and Carter’s friend, Jackson, who has been living with the Vrabels for over a year. Carter stood behind Mike Vrabel’s shoulder wearing a No. 50 jersey (Vrabel’s old jersey number) from one of the coach’s Pro Bowl appearances, while Jackson stood behind his other shoulder in a blue spandex costume. So, what was going on?

Mike Vrabel’s son Carter and his friend had fun with the coach’s draft room appearance Thursday night. Tennessee Titans

“That’s the Freeze from the Atlanta Braves, and he races the guys,” Vrabel explained. “So, Father Ryan [High School] baseball team this year, the season got canceled. [Vrabel’s wife] Jen was going to make Jackson race students to try to get more kids to come out to the games, so she ordered the Freeze costume,” Vrabel said via conference call. “When the season got canceled, we’re sitting here with an extra Freeze costume. That came together within 10 to 15 minutes. They saw all the other kids as the draft wore on and they said, ‘Well, we’ll give our own little spin to it.'”

Vrabel’s oldest son, Tyler, a starting left tackle at Boston College, also made an appearance in the scene that generated a lot of buzz on social media because it looked like he might have been sitting on a toilet. Vrabel joked that Carter and Jackson wanted to be a part of the fun but Tyler didn’t want anything to do with it, so he was sitting on a barstool next to his mother. He laughed as he explained that Tyler was not using the restroom.

With two more picks by the Titans set to take place on Friday, let’s see what the Vrabel family does for an encore. Being stuck in the house is taking a toll, but the draft is an opportunity to cut loose.

“It’s been a long quarantine over here, man,” Vrabel said. “We’ve got a bunch of 19- and 18-year-old kids, and they’re stir-crazy.”