“We’ve been in the valley for 27 years providing service to medical facilities, and when this broke out, we had the equipment and the staff and when we reached out there was a need for it,” Zundel said. “We reached out to the UFC when we got the locations and the UFC provided this location which was perfect for Las Vegas County Fire and for Las Vegas Metro PD, so it worked out really well to provide this service.”

Zundel and team disinfect the inside of vehicles using some of the machines that are in operating rooms in medical facilities.

Maintaining safe and clean equipment is critical to the peace of mind and operation for emergency responders like Jonathan Wiercinski, Deputy Fire Chief – Clark County Fire Department.

“What it does is it gives us a much-needed opportunity to have the crews know that their rigs are decontaminated so they can focus on the job and task at hand,” Wiercinski said. “Every day our crews, by crews I mean law enforcement, fire department, health care workers, they are being asked to do some difficult jobs and this gives them the confidence to move forward and use the tools we provide them.”

UFC thanks all healthcare workers and first responders for the service during this time.