It appears that the
of Professional Fighters League’s 2020 season was
not without consequences for the promotion’s roster.

MMA Brasil
initially reported that the PFL cut a “large part”
of its roster – namely everyone with the exception of past
champions and high-profile fighters — after announcing that it
would postpone its entire 2020 season until next year. Meanwhile,
in an interview with
, PFL CEO Peter Murray said this regarding the roster:
“We’re keeping the significant majority, over two-thirds.”

While it remains unclear just how many fighters remain under PFL
obtained two separate emails sent by
organization president Ray Sefo. One message is in line with PFL’s
announcement, which states that due to the postponement of the 2020
season, fighters under contract will receive a monthly cash stipend
that “will not need to be repaid or deducted from any future

The other email, also sent by Sefo, informs fighters that due to
the postponement “your agreement is terminated and you are formally
released to compete elsewhere effective immediately.” It is
currently unknown who was released from their contract by the

Details regarding the amount of the monthly stipend are also
unclear. One anonymous fighter told MMAFighting the promotion has
yet to reveal the amount of the payment, while another said they
will receive $1,000 per month.

While the email from Sefo states that the decision was “made
together with ESPN,” Murray
hasn’t completely ruled out
holding special non-season events
with no live audience before the conclusion of 2020.