Park Min-Wah gets a tip that a rival mob has stored $10 million in cash. After pinpointing the location, Min-Wah decides to remain under the radar by hiring outsiders to perform the heist.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: Mystery, action, scheming, action, double-crossing and more action. This movie is everything you could ask for in not only a kung-fu movie, but a movie itself. With exploding cars, about a dozen encounters in rush hour traffic, and a police chase all within the first ten minutes, film buffs and thrill seekers alike are sure to flock to UFC FIGHT PASS to get their hearts racing.

Quote of the film: “The guy inside is Po Tin Hung. He’s boss of an underground bank. In the hood will be bulk of dirty money. He’s going to use it to buy narcotics. We’re doing a kind deed if we kill him.”

Quote of the film runner-up: “Say, is all the money here?”
“Who are you?”
“Ask people in hell for an answer.”

Official score: Normally this type of film would get a 4.5 rating, but the dual subtitle feature with a number of typos and a speed that makes it almost possible to keep up with the dialogue provides a mental workout. Those features boost the official score to a perfect 5.