recently reached a significant milestone in his life.

The 16-fight UFC veteran celebrated 14 years of sobriety last week.
McGee reflected on the achievement in an Instagram post.

“Grateful for my dark past, the willingness to face and correct my
mistakes, and more importantly, the ability to convert them into
assets,” he wrote. “Today I celebrate 14 years of sobriety.”

McGee nearly died from his battle with drug addiction – he used
everything from prescription pain pills to illegal narcotics —
before turning to mixed martial arts. The 35-year-old Utah native
recounted a near-death experience from 2005 in an interview

“One particular night, a Sunday night, I shot up too much,” McGee
said in 2010. “Immediately after I shot up, I knew I’d shot up too
much, and the lights went out. Thank God that my cousin and her
friend showed up. They started CPR. They called 911. The ambulance
showed up. They were able to do CPR, and they defibrillated me and
brought me back.”

It wasn’t until April 16, 2006 that McGee began his journey to
sobriety. He hasn’t looked back since. McGee won Season 11 of “The
Ultimate Fighter” and has carved out a respectable career within
the Las Vegas-based promotion, compiling an 8-8 mark with wins over
the likes of Robert
, Josh Neer,
and Ryan Jensen,
to name a few. Durability has been a staple of McGee’s professional
tenure, as he has only been finished once in 28 career bouts.

“I lost everything, had nothing. I was unemployable. I had no
friends. It was pretty traumatic,” he said in 2010. “No matter
what, the biggest thing is through my stories and what I’ve been
through, if I can help just one person make a small change in their
life and maybe not do the same s–t that they’ve been doing and
decide to get out of the drug life … if I can give can give them
any sort of inspiration and one person makes it out of it, then
this will all have been worth it, whether I win or lose.”

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