Meal prep does not have to be boring. When making a list of foods for the week, a good place to start is by choosing three types of protein, three types of carbohydrate, and a large variety of non-starchy vegetables.

Cook them up and then mix and match the different foods throughout the week. To switch things up, buy bulk of the same protein, carbohydrate, and veggies and cook them all differently. Buy chicken and marinate it in different sauces, prepare sweet potatoes mashed, sauteed on the stovetop, and baked, and use your veggies raw and cooked to add variety. Excellent fat sources to have on hand include oil-based salad dressings, avocados, and nuts which can really add flavor to any dish.

Looking for a delicious sauce so your food isn’t boring? Check out Trifecta’s delicious Romesco Sauce here.

When prepping for breakfast, overnight oats or crockpot oatmeal make for a fast and easy option. If you like more of a savory breakfast, try a breakfast bake or quiche with eggs, chopped veggies and potatoes. 

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This recipe would pair great with roasted sweet potatoes to add more carbohydrate and overall calories.