If these filings are any indication, the
Ultimate Fighting Championship
is going full steam ahead with
“Fight Island.”

Josh Gerben
first reported on Friday that the UFC has filed
trademarks for 22 uses of “Fight Island” and “UFC Fight Island.” In
addition to the promotion looking to use these trademarks for
events, they are also being filed for items the UFC plans to market
including clothing and jewelry.

The existence of “Fight Island” was
first brought to light
by UFC President Dana White, when
concerns about the coronavirus threatened international fight
cards. Travel restrictions in the U.S. would prohibit many fighters
on the roster from participating in events held in various
stateside locations. Therefore, to circumvent these travel bans,
the UFC head proposed a private island that would not be subject to
American regulations.

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Although many scoffed at the idea of a private island held for
combat in the vein of “Enter the Dragon” or “Mortal Kombat,” White

doubled down
when announcing the postponement of multiple
events including UFC 249. “’Fight Island’ is real,” he exclaimed in
his interview with ESPN. “It’s a real thing. The infrastructure is
being built right now. That’s really gonna happen, and it will be
on ESPN.”

Since the announcement of this island, multiple fighters on the
flyweight queen Valentina
and bantamweight contender Petr Yan have
expressed their interest in competing at such a locale. Others
including bantamweight Brian
and coach Ray Longo have
that the
lack of legitimate training camps
during the coronavirus
pandemic could hamper fighters regardless of the location.

Some in the community have also been discussing
whether the island is indeed a reality. If the trademark filings
are among the first legal steps towards getting this done, “Fight
Island” could be coming to the UFC sooner than later.

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