When action resumed, Couture immediately engaged, but was jarred by a short left hand.  Couture kept moving forward and swinging, yet when Liddell stepped in with a right hand on the chin, Couture fell as if he were shot.  Liddell immediately jumped on his fallen foe, and after two more shots to the head, referee John McCarthy called a halt to the bout at 2:06 of the first round.

UFC welterweight champ Matt Hughes made it two in a row over Frank Trigg in the evening’s second title bout, sending ‘Twinkle Toes’ to defeat via rear naked choke in a rematch that packed more drama into 4:05 than most do in five rounds.

After an opening staredown, the two combatants met at the center of the cage and traded punches until a lock-up.  While against the cage, Trigg caught Hughes with a low knee that was not caught by referee Mario Yamasaki.  As Hughes retreated and tried to regain his bearings, Trigg pounced and sent Hughes to the canvas with a left to the jaw.  

In serious trouble, Hughes caught a flurry of blows on the ground as Trigg worked his way into the mounted position.

Hughes tried to escape the bottom but wound up giving Trigg his back at the three minute mark, and the challenger quickly capitalized with a rear naked choke.  Hughes’ face turned crimson, but amazingly he was able to escape and then follow up this good fortune by picking his foe up and carrying him across the cage before dropping him on his back with a trademark slam.