When Georges St.
officially announced his retirement in 2019, he
that one of the final hang-ups was a potential bout
with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomeodov.

“We tried to organize the fight with Khabib, I know Khabib want it
and I want it, but the UFC had other plan[s],” St. Pierre said at a
press conference that day. “To the point where I am in my career,
for me it’s more taking one fight at a time instead of being there
for several fights, and the way the business works … if they
promote someone, they want to keep him somewhere … it’s like an

In a recent interview with ESPN, St. Pierre
reiterated those thoughts, as he was aware the promotion didn’t
want him vacating a belt like he did with the middleweight title.
He also believes the promotion didn’t want to tarnish the
Dagestani’s record with a one-off opponent.

“They had other plans. I know Khabib wanted to have that fight. I
wanted it,” St. Pierre told ESPN. “But if you look on the UFC’s
side … they didn’t want to take the risk of me winning and then
after vacating again.”

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However, when St. Pierre’s team proposed a non-title fight instead,
he said the promotion balked at that notion, as well. As a result,
St. Pierre vs. Nurmagomedov remains nothing more than a

“I didn’t want it to be for the title. I would rather do it not for
a title,” he said. “For me it was because I considered Khabib,
right now, the best fighter in the world. And he wanted to fight me
as well. It was a good fan fight. They didn’t want it. They had
other plans for Khabib, and I understand that. They had a lot to

“In a way I can take that as a compliment because maybe they saw me
as a threat.”

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