He did. It worked. Perfectly.

“I was kneeing him in the clinch and I ended up dropping him and then I started stomping on him and I was like, ‘Oh man, I think that was a little too much.’”

Camacho laughs, almost nervously, and what makes this such a crazy story is that he is one of the nicest, if not the nicest, folks in mixed martial arts. So just the visual of him kneeing then stomping his uncle in a prizefight is bizarre.

“I’ve been like this forever,” said the married father of two boys. “I never got into any street fights, I never got in trouble in school. I played the ukulele for the church choir growing up.”

But he did knock out his uncle. 

“The rules were pretty open,” he admits. “It’s pretty wild thinking about it now, but then, it was just a fight, island-style. We needed to find something to do on Saipan. It’s a super small island, so it was like, ‘Shoo, I’ll fight my uncle.’ What a time, man.”

In true island fashion, there were no hard feelings or bad blood between the two after the fight. Camacho says Uncle Mike never missed any of his local fights, and when “Frank the Crank” went international, he was always watching. That doesn’t mean other family members don’t give him a hard time at parties.

“They tell me they say, ‘Hey, Mike, you better slow down before I call Frankie Boy over here.” That was the joke the whole time.”