UFC featherweight Andre Fili
made his motion picture debut in the recently-released film Green
Rush, which was co-produced by Team Alpha Male founder Uriah

The film was released on Tuesday, and Fili was looking forward to
watching the film in full for the first time. He has already
critiqued a few of his parts, however, and he’s aware that people
will be skeptical of a movie that involves UFC athletes.

“I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but I’ve seen a couple of my
own scenes,” Fili told
. “Some I was happy with, some I felt I could have done
better, but I’m always going to be my own hardest critic. I just
want to see it and I want people around me to see it because I know
they’re excited and I’m excited for the people who were talking
s–t about it when we said we were making a movie to see it because
it’s really, really well-made.

“People saw me and they saw Faber and they were talking s–t, like
people do. Everybody who was on the project worked really hard and
I’m excited for it to finally be seen by people.”

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Fili understands why people might be critical of athletes in
crossover roles, but he said he held himself to a high standard
during filming.

“You see athletes do things and it’s gimmicky,” he said. “Oh,
here’s an athlete doing ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ here’s an athlete
in a movie, here’s an athlete making music. Whenever I do music or
do a movie or do any kind of other art outside of martial arts, I
want it to stand on its own. I don’t want my acting to be good for
a fighter. I want it to be good acting for a legitimate actor. I
want it to be good acting. That’s how I approached this. I took it
very seriously.”

The plot, according to IMDb, is
as follows: “A cannabis farmer and his pregnant lover fight for
their lives when ruthless criminals invade their property.”

Fili has been a film buff for quite some time, and he hopes that
appearing in the movie will open doors down the road. For now,
though, Fili is still a full-time mixed martial artist. He last
appeared at UFC 246, where a unanimous decision loss to Sodiq
snapped a two-fight winning streak.

“It (acting) was a fun experience and I want to do a lot more of
it,” Fili said. “It’s something I’m going to transition to after
fighting. Win a world title, be the man for a while as a fighter
and then try to take over a different aspect of the world.”

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