A young man (Ben Lam) learns the story of a legendary hero (Donnie Yen) who lost his memory yet triumphed over adversity.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: Donnie Yen has done it again! The recipient of almost every Hong Kong Film Award under the sun flexed his muscles yet again. It’s all business in this classic from the first moments. With a disdain for old people, doubts and losing as a whole, Fung Man-Hin finds out through a series of sporadic fights and flashbacks that the life he lives isn’t honorable and he must change his ways.

Quote of the film: “Not everybody will get old. If you’ve got a strong enough will, you’ll win.”

Quote of the film runner up: “Nice kick! Right in the nuts!”

Official score: We all learn a lot about ourselves when we take in a great film. The New Big Boss will make everybody spend time imagining the backstory on every elderly person they encounter. It’s the kind of film that makes you think, “What a journey everybody goes through.” There’s more heart than violence and more fight scenes than almost any movie out there. Easy to award a perfect 5 Chop rating.

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