One of the biggest stars in Hollywood had some high praise for

Ngannou shared a message from “The Rock”, aka Dwayne
, in which the WWE star turned actor praised the UFC
heavyweight contender during an Instagram Live Q&A session over
the weekend.

, let me tell you something, brother – you ain’t ready
for me,” Johnson said in response to Ngannou’s invitation to join
him for a workout.

“I respect and love this guy so much. He is one of the top
heavyweights in MMA, and in the world, and he is a dominant beast
of a man. I can’t wait to see him fight again.”

Ngannou was supposed to face Jairzinho
in the UFC on ESPN 8 headliner in Columbus, Ohio,
on March 28, but that event was postponed due to the coronavirus
pandemic. The bout was then moved to UFC 249 on April 18, but the
promotion’s plans to move the card to tribal land in California
were halted at the request of Disney and ESPN executives. During
the session, Ngannou referred to Johnson as an “inspiration.”

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“I’ve been following your career, Francis, so thank you for saying
that, saying that I was your inspiration,” he said in response. “I
wish you nothing but the best. I hear really cool things about you,
and I look forward to seeing you and seeing you fight again.”

Johnson is a longtime MMA fan, and he recently attended UFC 244 to
present the “BMF” belt to Jorge
following his victory over Nate Diaz at
Madison Square Garden this past November. “The Rock” is also
working with his production team Seven Bucks Productions to

make a film
about the life of early UFC star Mark Kerr.
Johnson will play the role of Kerr, but a release date for the
biopic is unknown.

Johnson concluded with a message of positivity for the entire UFC
roster. He, like most MMA fans, is looking forward to when the
sport can resume .

“To all the fighters in the UFC, MMA, and around the world –
specifically the UFC because I’ve been really following them
closely, Dana White and I are very good buddies – I feel for you
guys not being able to fight,” Johnson said.

“But soon enough, there’s a silver lining in this: Maybe it’s your
training, maybe it’s your mental capacity that you could expand
right now as you guys aren’t allowed in the cage as you’ve been
shut down, but there is some silver lining in all of this and I
hope you guys find it. Because when you come back, the velocity in
which you guys come back, I expect to see some dynamite fights when
you come back in the cage and I can’t wait. The moment I can be
there, I’m going to be there cageside.”

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