A smiling and relaxed Serra showed no fear of the champion as he met him in the middle of the Octagon to start the bout, but St-Pierre was sharp as he shot out kicks and the occasional quick flurry.  The challenger responded with kicks of his own to the champion’s legs, but St-Pierre appeared to be too fast for his foe, apparently just biding his time until he decided to pounce.  

But that’s why they fight the fights, and just as soon as those words were written, Serra threw a looping right hand that grazed the back of St-Pierre’s head, forcing him to lose his balance and stumble twice.  It was all the underrated Serra needed, as he swung for the fences and landed on the still recovering champion, who got into deeper and deeper trouble with each shot the New Yorker landed.

Suddenly, St-Pierre was on the mat, and Serra followed him, never letting his hands stop moving until referee John McCarthy pulled him off at the 3:25 mark and declared him the new welterweight champion of the world.

“Tonight I got beat by a better fighter than myself,” said a gracious St-Pierre.  “He beat me fair and square.  I’m very sad right now, but I will come back.”