A computer genius, Fu Tien-Ming, turns himself into a hero, “Black Mask,” in an experiment. He begins to fight against crimes in the city, particularly the “Red Goddess Gang.”

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: Don’t read the description and not watch the movie immediately after, because not watching Fu Tien-Ming saving the day will have you biting your nails to the bone or waking up in sweats depending on how long you wait to watch the movie. Straight out of the gate the action is underway and thankfully so, as this is definitely going to have you on the edge of your seats.

Quote of the film: “When I suggested to seduce housewives you were stirred!”

Quote of the film runner up: “Shadow Mask, I don’t think you are as fast as bullets!”

Official score: Both film buffs and the average joe looking for attention will appreciate the story and the action. It’s a scary plot, but not gratuitously frightening. For that, it’s a lock for a perfect 5 Chop rating.

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