Dana White has come under heavy scrutiny for his “show must go on”
mentality during the coronavirus pandemic, but not everyone is
critical of the UFC president’s philosophy.

Count light heavyweight contender Dominick
among those who praises White’s efforts to do whatever it
takes to proceed with UFC 249 on April 18. Reyes, of course, isn’t
scheduled to compete on the card, but he nonetheless understands
the mentality of a fighter.

“Dana handled this whole thing exactly how you should handle it,”
Reyes told
“We are the toughest motherf—-ers in the world. Our sport is not
like any other sport; you cannot compare it to anything else.
Everything we do is different. The only thing we do that other
sports do is put in hard work and entertain. We train our whole
lives for these fights. For a lot of guys with fights that got
postponed, I imagine it being heartbreaking.

“I applaud Dana and I applaud the fighters that are doing what they
have to do to provide for their families and loved ones.”

In what already seems like the distant past, Reyes lost a narrow
unanimous decision to Jon Jones in a
light heavyweight championship clash at UFC 247 on Feb. 8.
According to
, 14 of the 21 media members scoring the bout
thought “The Devastator” deserved to emerge victorious. Many other
observers saw a similar result, and that only gives Reyes further
motivation to push for a rematch.

“I am the people’s champ because everybody believes that I’m the
champ. I don’t have gold around my shoulder, I don’t have the
actual belt, but I’m the champ,” Reys said. “Everyone saw how I
fought Jones and what I did. That’s why any time I post something
on social media or someone posts about Jones, the people call out
for a rematch and say I’m the champ. Everyone is on board.”

In addition to the ongoing concerns regarding the coronavirus, a
couple other things could hinder a potential rematch with Jones.
One is Jones’ ongoing personal issues, which now include a
recent arrest
for aggravated DWI and negligent use of a
firearm. The other is the emergence of fellow contender Jan
, who scored an emphatic first-round KO of Corey
one week after Reyes’ duel with Jones.

Reyes believes that his fight will linger longer in people’s minds,
especially as they go back and watch old bouts during this time of
social distancing.

“Jan Blachowicz and Corey Anderson fought and then Blachowicz had
all the buzz, but the longer this goes on, the more that people
stop talking about him,” Reyes said. “Everybody remembers my fight
with Jon. People will watch on UFC Fight Pass and people will get
reignited and see how that fight really played out. I think the
wait is going to pay off. Our fight was bigger and since nothing is
happening right now people won’t be able to forget that.”

It remains unclear when society — and the UFC — will regain some
sense of normalcy. When it does, Reyes is confident he can meet
with White and work on putting together a championship rematch with

“There’s nobody else, there’s just Jan and me. He’s won the fights
that he’s needed to win, but then he lost that fight to Thiago
and won the fights after that. I can’t hate on him for
that but it’s obvious that I should be next,” Reyes said. “The
biggest reason is that Jones-Reyes 2 is simply the biggest fight
Dana White can make. It’s both the money fight and the right

“Once things around the virus improve, I know Dana and I will sit
down, and we will get this rematch done.”