As hard as it is to believe, Egli vs Ellenberger might even be more entertaining. While Ellenberger and Condit have history, in the form of a split decision win for Condit in 2009, it’s the future that might be on the line in Sunday’s new match.

“[Egli] has been on the tip of Sean Shelby’s tongue now for about three years,” Sonnen said. “I’ve called Sean directly on this; Sean told me, ‘I know exactly who this guy is.’”

 Egli currently holds an MMA record of 11-3 with nine submission victories as well as two knockout finishes, so while a grappling win against Ellenberger doesn’t get him a UFC contract, the fact that he’s already on the radar of the UFC brass means it sure wouldn’t hurt.

With all the eyes in the world on the one live show, Sunday could be anybody’s night, so why not Egli’s?

“A win over Jake Ellenberger, very few people have it and it means something. Period,” Sonnen said. “Whatever the rules are, you go to an arm-wrestling contest and if you get the jump on Ellenberger, it means something.”

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