Two years later, he’s already earned a first-round stoppage victory inside the Octagon and now, he’s taking another major step forward, fighting on one of the biggest events of the year in “The Fight Capital of the World” against his toughest opponent to date.

Everything is working out as he envisioned, but don’t think for a second that means Madsen will let off the gas and change his approach.

If anything, the results of these first two years post-wrestling have only strengthened his resolve and confirmed the effectiveness of his approach, which looks like it will lead to Madsen and his family doubling down on their all-in commitment to MMA and “The Olympian” continuing his quest to be the absolute best fighter he can be when it’s all said and done.

“I’m pushing it and I’m developing as fast as possible,” he said. “I’m really fortunate that I have the background I have in wrestling and I’ve been fortunate to work with the best experts in Denmark in many areas, like Olympic-level therapists, physiologists, psychologists, so I have a lot of experience with how to structure, how to plan, how to be professional.

“I’m catching up, but I still have a lot to learn. I honestly believe that I have the potential to beat anyone in the world in the lightweight division, but the focus has to be on creating the right circumstance, which means we’ll probably end up moving here just so that I can get the right circumstances, the right training, every day.

“I’m writing a book here and the best ending would be me looking back, satisfied that I did everything I could,” he added. “It’s all about taking leaps and having faith in my abilities. It’s all-in, man.”

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