Yeah, everyone is this thread is calling Crawford a dick or just laughing at the title, but it’s a good read. I don’t think people understand how challenging it is to be a ref in basketball. It’s probably the hardest sport to officiate, and you constantly have to deal with players, fans, and coaches yelling at you and calling you names. And there is no real opportunity to defend yourself. You just have to suck it up and stay calm, even when no one else is.

He would tell me, ‘Joe, if you feel [the anger] coming on, just do something with your hands. Put them by your side or behind your back.’ He told me, ‘Keep reminding yourself, calm down, calm down. If somebody was getting on me about a bad call, he’d remind me, ‘Slow your breathing down. Remind yourself you’re a good ref.’ Those things helped me get through my last 10 years in the NBA.

Credit to Crawford for following through and addressing his anger issues.