Its a crazy impressive streak she has going.

“Winner-take-all game”, to clarify, means games in which the winner advances and the loser goes home. Its different than “elimination games” or “closeout games”. Its the intersection of those 2 groups. Essentially, the last game of a playoff series. (Game 7 of a 7-game playoff series, Game 5 of a 5-game series, Game 1 of a single elimination round, etc).

Bill Russell was 21 – 0 in winner-take-all games.

LeBron is 6 – 2.

Kobe is 6 – 1 (including one first round Game 5)

Jordan was 4 – 1 (including two first round Game 5s).

It’d be interesting to see what other player’s records are, but its not an easy stat (as far as I know) to come by. Russells stat is well known, but the other players listed here I had to go through their team’s playoff results individually.